When should you report gambling winnings and losses?

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Have you ever fantasized about winning the lottery or a giant jackpot at a local Bingo game? If that’s the case, you should be aware that gambling gains are completely taxable and must be disclosed on your tax return.

Gambling revenue comprises, but is not restricted to, winners from lotteries, auctions, equine and dog competitions, and gambling, as well as the fair market value of rewards such as cars, homes, trips, and other non-cash awards, according to the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA). Thus, it’s essential to consult a tax law firm Virginia Beach.

The payer may have provided you with a Form W-2G and withheld federal taxes from the payout, depending on the kind and quantity of your winnings. Any legal gambling establishment must report rewards over a certain amount and deduct income tax if winnings exceed that amount.

Wherever your gambling and fortune ambitions lie, it’s a smart option to have a basic awareness of the tax implications of your gambling winnings and losses so that you may disclose what’s needed by law and benefit from any tax breaks that may be available.


Your gambling gains are taxable income and must be reported to the IRS, whether you earn $20 playing bingo at your local community center clubhouse or thousands wagering on the fanduel sportsbook at your local casino.

Smaller sums are difficult to track without a trail of evidence, and the fact is that few people are aware that they are required to disclose that money. On the other hand, larger victories from commercial gambling venues come with a paper trail. So, if you had a very profitable day betting on horses, you’d best tell the IRS because they’ll find out one way or another.

In reality, racetracks, casinos, and other gambling establishments are obligated to disclose specific amounts and categories of wins and withhold taxes. The following items are covered in this precondition:

Over $1,200 in slot or bingo wins

$1,500 or more in keno wins

Winnings from poker tournaments in excess of $5000

When the payment is 300 ties or more of the initial stake, the amount exceeds $600.


You may be able to reduce part of your gambling losses if you itemize your tax deductions. Because the laws can be complicated, you should consult a Virginia tax professional as to whether and how to offset your losses.

In principle, you can subtract up to the value of your gaming profits from your taxes. So, if you have a run of terrible luck at the poker tables that much surpasses any winnings, you’ll probably have to live with the preponderance of your losses since you won’t be able to withdraw them on your tax records. It’s best to consult a sales tax Virginia Beach when filling your gamble wins. 


If you’re a gambler, good documentation is essential. If you do win the World Series of Poker, you’ll be relieved that you were able to balance your losses with a large payoff.